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About Us


The founder of the Company Mr. BILAL AHMAD BHAT had a solitary mission when he started to procure some of the finest Kashmiri saffron and make it available to the discerning most buyer across India and the rest of the world.

His guideline was very simple, Good quality like good character, wins over the situation sooner or later. He knew that when it came to saffron, people wanted quality and value.


It was this yearning for quality which took him to the saffron fields during harvest season and pick up some of the finest lots from his own grower. His simple philosophy continues to be our company’s axiom and has been translated into a way of life and business.

Today our company, KONG POSH INDUSTRIES , remains committed to the values of our great patriarch. Over the year we have gathered a vast knowledge about cultivation technique of this exotic spice. We have carefully observed various fields and have identified the ones where the soil yields the best saffron. We source our saffron from the finest fields in kashmir.

All along we have been sharing our knowledge with the farmers and telling them the right way to harvest and handle this delicate crop, so as to preserve its quality and aroma to optimum. Based on new generation technology, we test check our saffron in an in-house lab, for ISO standards and make sure that only the finest kashmiri saffron reaches out to our customer. Today we enjoy an enormous good will and faith of customers all over India and rest of the world.

KONG POSH brand saffron is synonymous with quality and purity and has an unmatched brand value. We are supplying saffron in bulk to a number of Ayurvedic Pharmacies, Dairy Product Manufacturers, Flavored chewing tobacco manufacturers, sweet meat manufacturers ,Duty Free shops ,Pharmacies and many more….

When you buy KONG POSH brand saffron, you get the finest Kashmiri saffron mongra (red filaments) that is handpicked from the best saffron fields in the world and preserved in such a way that there is negligible loss of aroma, flavor or colors. Our saffron is carefully dried and thoroughly checked as per ISO norms. We make sure that no other part of saffron flower finds its way in our packing. Impurities are removed by winnowing and passing it through sieves. It is then graded and only the bright red filaments of long leaf variety is offered to our customer in attractive airtight sealed boxes of quantities 1gm, 2gm, 5gm, 10gm, 50gm, 100gm. We also supply in bulk quantities in airtight food grade pet containers.

  • Our Saffron has a distinct flavor and aroma.
  • It is the potent most saffron in the world, cherished by one and all.
  • Buy it once to see the difference.