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Why KONG POSH Kashmiri Saffron is considered the best in the world?

  • KONG POSH saffron has provided a guarantee of quality to the consumers, for years. When you buy KONG POSH saffron, you are assured of the same consistent quality level, pack after pack, year after year.
  • LITTLE KASHMIR, the producers of KONG POSH saffron have collaborated with International Standards Organization(ISO) to set the world saffron standards ISO-3632. KONG POSH saffron is produced according to these norms.

  •  You have to use fewer strands of Little Kashmir’s KONG POSH Brand saffron owing to its higher coloring, aromatic & flavoring powers. KONG POSH saffron therefore works out economical.
  • KONG POSH saffron is the brand of pure saffron preferred by leading chef’s because of its guarantee of quality. In a changing world, where nothing seems to last, KONG POSH saffron provides the re-assurance of consistent Quality trusted for year’s.